• Hi.. thanks for this Video. I tried to change my theme, following this video, I download from the community theme, free pop, it change to the normal default instead. So I go back and change it to my old theme, after that my admin panel is not working. Like I click on the buttons, nothing happens.

  • Thanks for sharing that. Is there any place where somebody can get videos outlining how to work the whole of the admin section.

  • I look it up via ftp. I use the folder name within the default folder that was created, when installing the theme.

    don’t know if that is an approach, that will always work but has done the job for me until now.

    probably there’s more ellegant approaches

  • HI I got a problem in your way, after I installed the theme, when I clicked return to Admin, it gave a cssless downloader admin. It did not allow me to get to my localhost main page whatever I do!

    Any idea what this is?
    thanks a lot

  • @martinwedgwood
    I tried installing the mApple Theme, but there no proper folders were created in Magento “app” and/or “skin”-folders.

    Installation via Magento Connect-Manager didn’t fail – everything worked well (regarding to the terminal)

  • I was hoping to see the installation process after you clicked install, because you didn’t explain how you managed to install the theme since you skipped that part, because I am having a problem with my magento downloader, nothing will install, the black square says “Please wait, preparing for updates…” after that nothing happens, the page seems to be loading for about 2 minutes then stops, the black square goes black and it does nothing. I try over and over and the same thing.

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