Tool King, Magento, and Unleaded

Tool King LLC moved up from an in-house website to a Magento e-commerce platform in Q4 2009. Already the Denver, Colorado-based tool warehouse has witnessed increased sales—January 2010 exceeded Decembers numbers, routinely the record month of the year. Honored as 320 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide, Tool King is currently expanding its warehouse to support the exponential growth in website sales. Simultaneously, Tool King has been able to reduce the expense of in-house web developers, relying instead on the wealth of Magento apps, doing more with less.

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  • Has anyone else noticed how awfully slow Toolking is? All this reverence and fanfare about Magento, and nobody noticing that this site is hosted @ RackSpace, arguably one of the best (and most expensive) place to host, and it takes > 5 seconds for many pages to load.


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