Tutorial: Realistic Pizza & Toppings – Polymer Clay

How to make a realistic pizza with polymer clay. You can use it as a doll house miniature, a charm, pendant, earrings or magnet. So many people requested this one 🙂 I hope it’s helpful! There are so many ways to make a pizza, this is just one of them. And yes, I know I did the cheese and sauce backwards, it just looks better that way. Where to get materials: Clay ~ any craft store, online Craft sand ~ craft stores, online Canes ~ eBay, Etsy Dotting tools ~ eBay Hints: You can sprinkle on real dried herbs to make it look more realistic. Glaze after baking to give it a nice shine. You can use black seed beads for olives. I normally use these, but I made clay ones in the video in case you don’t have them. If you used this tutorial, feel free to make a video response showing what you made! I would love to see it! The design was kind of inspired by SugarCharmShop and ConfectionaryShop, so I highly recommend subscribing to them. They’re amazing! ≧ω≦ How to make the mushrooms: -make a tiny little circle of grey clay -push in the sides with a toothpick to form the stalk part like this: ) ( -paint on 2 brown dots of acrylic paint, using a toothpick. Music: Zelda Spirit Tracks – Aboda Village House There’s a long description for this video. Sorry about that. If you read all of it, comment “I like cheese”… athough I don’t actually like cheese XD

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