Use of 3D Could Change Face of E-commerce

The experience of online shopping – while with us for years – has mostly been limited to flat Web pages. But a new immersive online shopping experience is aiming to change the way retailers operate in the 21st century. (Jan. 20)


  • The Europeans are on the leading edge of technology

    The Americans have no creativity nor innovation

    The Americans are bankrupt whose only talent is dropping bombs

  • That’s very ignorant, and stereotypical.
    Tokyo is more on the leading edge of technology than Europe.

    Of course we’re bankrupt, the whole worlds in a depression though, so I wouldn’t be talking.

  • Exactly “which” part of my statement(s) do you disagree with?

    Europe surpassed the USA 15yrs ago in the production of Scientific Literature; (& they have CERN; while US gov cut science grants by 1000 in a single year)

    Only Mexico is lower than US in childhood poverty

    61 of 140 biggest world companies are in Europe; 50 in US; of best 50, all but one not European

    51% of all engin prof’s are foreign born

    Swiss are some of worlds wealthiest

    US 49th in literacy

  • Say SugarPuddin can you tell me who invented the Ipod and the Iphone, and also why do foregin students still come to study in the US.

  • “Only talent is dropping bombs”? What do you think is keeping most of Europe safe? Do you realize a large amount of technology starts with the U.S. military? Not saying my country is perfect but I will still defend her with my life.

  • Foreign applications to US grad schools down 28% for 2004; foreign student enrollment on all levels fell in USA, but increased in Europe & China

    Last year Chinese grad-school graduates in the US dropped 56%, Indians 51%, South Koreans 28%

    NYT, Dec 21, 2004

    USA is not the place to be anymore

  • 5504

    “Exactly” who is America keeping out of Europe?

    “Exactly” who is this bad boogie man you are referring too?

  • I guess we only put military bases all over Europe for our health. If there are not threats in Europe why does Europe allow bases on their soil? I don’t see other countries putting bases on U.S. soil!

  • That’s the problem.. Why do you people put military bases on our Soil??? I don’t want you’re protection; honestly. I think you put them all over the place, because your leaders have been powerdrunk dickheads; craving for world goverments. I don’t trust your country anymore, too mutch BULLSHIT has been going on. And though it appears 70% of u are brainwashed by fake puppets, we won’t stand for it. The military is all u people got soon if things don’t change, and what then?? War??

  • Why? You should be asking your goverdment that question. Their must be something in it for them. Is the U.S. perfect? No! Do we get involved in conflicts we have no business in? Yes! Every country struggles at times and this is our time, but it doesn’t diminish the good we do in the world.

  • 5504

    Foolish Americans who don’t know how to play well with others are bankrupt – Yet violate their own Constitution by placing over 800 bases World Wide!

    To pay for it, Private Bankers at the privately owned Fed Reserve Bank print money out of thin air to pay for it!

    That is why American currency is flawed!

    American Sheeple have the bankrupt government they deserve!

  • We have survived deeper downturns in our economy than the current one. Are we foolish? At times we are, but we are also an innovative people. You don’t worry about us we will come out of this alot stronger. We always have and we always will.

  • 5504

    No – I can’t agree

    There has never in America been a time of this much devastation!

    Unlike the 30s, NOW American consumers have no savings & little in home value; moreover, the government many times more than its revenues; its system is build on debt – And currently owes around 200 Trillion

    Thanks to government protectionism & foreign bankers printing its money out of thin air, there is over 1 quadrillion dollars of outstanding (fake) derivatives!

    Add to it TARP!

    It’s over USA!

  • Time will tell my friend, but I would not bet against the U.S. We have the resources and the ability to feed the world and if all fails that becomes our leverage.

  • 5504

    Actually, America now imports much more AG goods than it produces; farmers can’t get loans for fertilizer; etc

    This is why Ivana Trump was tracking down Brazilian Economic minister Mantega the other day: To invest in Brazil AG

    However, I predict that as American companies slip into depression, “suddenly” Exxon will announce it “found” billions & billions of fuel in Gill, Alaska

    I think that will have a positive effect

    But in the long run, how educated is the USA public?

  • Actually we can produce more than enough food to feed the world. We have farm subsidies that discourage farming. Drilling in Alaska would be a major mistake. One of our problems is the dependency on oil. Drilling doesn’t solve that problem. This country is changing and I believe the world will begin to see that chnage in the near future.

  • 5504

    Yes! More government meddling & protectionism!

    I believe the number of dollars spent in this effort is around 100K per adult in the USA

    Government programs can never be shut down; even after they outlived their usefulness, (eg REA)

  • Every country needs some form of goverment intervention. The problem is getting INTELLIGENT goverment intervention. That is what America is working towards now.

  • USA lost any claim to a democratic democracy sometime between 1897 and 1913

    Ever hear of Col House or General Butler?

    If not, you have no idea what state America is in!

  • where the heck are you getting this info
    wikipedia? you know probably half the info on there is not right due to the idiots who edit it.

    PLUS you know about 80% of statistics and percentages are false.

    African countries have a lower US childhood poverty more than likely. What does literacy have to do with anything?
    Why are there so many exchange students here? Why are there so many people desperate to come to the US to make money? don’t see people floating on boats to go to Europe do you?

  • ghostz

    Usually I have citations for any stat I give

    Regarding Poverty – USA is second only to Mexico in poverty (of the industrialized nations)

    Today Ron Paul announced that the so-called Gov Stimulus package will cost American $6000 a piece

    I watched that on YouTube about 10 mins ago

    Why can’t the US Gov just give us the money and shut themselves down?!

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