Web Design San Diego – 10 Best Free SEO Tools of 2011

www.skyboxcreative.com – We’ve gathered the 10 Best SEO Tools for 2011 and deliver them in this quick, funny video. Spend 3 minutes with us and save yourself the trouble of researching the best Search Engine Optimization tools online. Skybox SEO, located in San Diego, provides Organic SEO services to companies across the US For more SEO tools and SEO tips www.skyboxSEO.com All the links can be found in this article skyboxseo.com Starring Angelina Sereno and Chris Decatur. Please LIKE and SHARE our video!!


  • Hey guys, nice video, even if I don’t agree with the Alexa tool (since it can easily be manipulated), how about for next time you list the links in the description?

    It’ll make it easier for us.


  • Thank you for the comments!!

    @ranksurge – I updated the description with the link to the original blog article (with all the links).

    If you find our video valuable, please share it 🙂 Thanks!!

  • I actually found some new tools – thanks guys! Personally, I find the free side of the Moz and Majestic tools way more useful than Alexa. It claims my site gets over 23,000 visitors per month… yeah, it gets about 200.

  • Backlink checker is a new tool to me. But there are many others that are free, and way cooler than this list. At least you’re thinking about tools and what not.

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  • dude, no offense, but you’ve got to stop trying to be humorous because it’s not coming out. Both of you look uncomfortable and uneasy in this vid. You need to be more animated and really start acting. And stop with that NUMBER 2!!! NUMBER 4!!! It’s so god damn annoying!

  • Thanks for the great tips. Is there anything there that can explain a drop in rankings? my site dropped a few ranks and i cant figure out why

  • @asbestosremovalperth – Are you updating your content regularly through blog posts or otherwise pages? You should be blogging 1-2x/week. Do you have an active backlinking campaign? Google likes valuable, sticky, relevant and most importantly FRESH content. 🙂

  • Really interesting video thanks… have a look for ‘seo pimp’ on youtube – don’t know if this video is as popular in the US as here in the UK but it really is a hilarious look at the industry.

  • Thanks for including us in your list. We appreciate your vote of confidence. And no, you wouldn’t eat spyfu for lunch. But you could eat your competitors’ lunch…ahhh, see what we did there? I’ll be here all week, folks.

  • I think you did a great job with this video – thanks for including the links too. I’m not sure I agree with your choice of Alexa (hey that’s ok!) but the bluebacklinks is a new one. I’m on my way to check that out.

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