WebPlus X4 – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Part 2/2

In this two part tutorial I show you how you can get prepare your website for search engines, submit your site to search engines and improve your position in search results, and what not to do. Some of the links i mentioned in the video Inform search engines Tell Google – www.google.com Tell Bing – www.bing.com Tell DMOZ – www.dmoz.org Please note: All submissions to dmoz (open directory project) are checked manually by a human and it can take months for your site to be added Submit your sitemap Google webmaster – www.google.com Bing – Webmaster – www.bing.com Ask.com (Slightly different) – submissions.ask.com URL of your sitemap here.xml Am i there yet? To find out if your site is appearing on google/bing/yahoo/ask, in the search box type type site: then the full address of your website Join services/social network sites/media sites www.freeindex.co.uk www.yelldirect.com www.bttradespace.com www.bttradespace.com www.facebook.com www.myspace.com www.youtube.com vimeo.com If you would like to see a tutorial of anything from MS Word, MS Excel, MS Acces, MS PowerPoint, MS OneNote, Serif WebPlus X2/X4, Serif MoviePlus X3 post it in the comments.


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