• This new IU isn’t replacing anything. Its essentially a full screen browser that your apps will create a link to so you can do certain things within it. It’s made for tablets and other touch screens. Windows will be the same under it, and I’d be rather surprised if anybody actually uses the new UI for long after getting it. Things like Office are still the same as they were. Microsoft don’t seem to have any goals, they’re just throwing crap at the wall to see what sticks. It’s quite sad really.

  • @dbmarquand No. The apps will still be written in proper code, not markup. This HTML5 thing is just a UI layer that integrates into the new tablet like “desktop” and will allow the application to serve some of it’s (or all) functions in this new layer. The actual underlying app will be written in C++ and so on.

    Apple will never abandon Objective-C for iOS apps. You can NOT beat performance or richness of native code with markup or abstracted code like HTML5 and so on.

  • @Duce2411 OSX is more open than Windows is or ever was. People only think it’s “locked down” because you can only install it on legitimate Apple Mac hardware. You can do and access a lot more in OSX than Windows if you know Terminal commands. Even if you know all the commands for Windows it’s still locked down a hell of a lot more than people think.

  • @vgking699 A lot of companies already do this, only they host the “cloud” on their servers. Also, this isn’t the plan with WIndows 8. Some of the features will be elements of the cloud, but it’ll still be a locally stored and accessed OS. The new UI is just a “layer” for lack of a better word on top of the normal WIndows desktop. This guy is hit and miss on the info he gives, and a lot of this video is miss.

  • @tazolson 128bit is totally unneeded right now. Maybe 30 years down the line. 64bit has a long way to go before it even approaches obsolescence. There isn’t even memory in existence for example to fill even half the capacity that 64bit can address, which is 16exbibytes which is around 16billion GB.

  • @Duce2411 Windows has a larger software selection, I wouldn’t say “better” though lol. In my experience, OSX has FAR FAR superior software in terms of functionality and quality than Windows does. I’m on about all the little things that do more specialised or specific tasks, like Adium. I’ve yet to see a better multi-IM client on Windows, or Screeflow for recording your desktop. The best on Windows is Camtasia, which pales in comparison. The UI’s are more consistent with OSX too which helps.

  • @dfr343 When companies like Google stop their pandering and support a single codec for it. Right now they want to use their own WebM, which they control 100% but claim to be “open source”, which they can easily revoke if they wanted, rather than the consortium lead H.264 which is controlled by a group of companies. It’s more difficult to suddenly change the terms for H.264 than it is for WebM because so many more are involved with it. Google don’t care about open unless it gives ad impressions.

  • I see this guy getting all the whores as well.

    Believe it or not there is a difference between a lady and a whore.

  • @LinuxWinHelp Windows 2000 and ME have nothing to do with one another. ME was literally a port of Windows 2000 from the NT kernel to DOS, which is why it sucked so badly, because it was ported back to a much less capable foundation than where it came from. Windows 2000 was their business facing OS that was built for rock solid stability and superior networking capabilities. Windows ME as their consumer facing OS to replace 98. They were built on 2 very different foundations for different things.

  • @alanstryder The difference here is that OSX Lion is still a purely desktop based OS. It’s just taken some cues from iOS where it makes sense, and I have to say, it works very well. Windows 8 is going the typical Microsoft direction… ie, they don’t have one. They’re just playing catch up and getting it all wrong. Why they’re using Windows is beyond me, when they have WIndows Phone 7 sitting there that’s PERFECT and MADE for tablets. They haven’t got the message that desktop OS on touch = fail.

  • @BlackwaterOpsDotCom lol good one. PC isn’t reigning in the media space. Hollywood may not like the new Final Cut Pro, but they sure as hell aren’t giving up their Macs because of it. They’ll stick with or move (back) to Avid, which runs on the Mac too. Hell even Premiere Pro runs on Macs, not that it’s used all that much in Hollywood. Adobe stuff performs about the same on Windows and OSX, I don’t know where you’re getting that from, I’ve never seen Adobe claim it runs better on WIndows.

  • @Thorneization The government don’t care what we do or think, it’s companies like Google who want that information, and they have it in buckets. Why do you think they give away so many of their services for “free”? It’s because they use them to put adverts in front of us. They track what websites we go to based on AdSense and GoogleAds that put tracking cookies on our system, so they can target specialised ads to us. Google is far more worrying than the government is.

  • @Martyj2009 You can go back further. Linux IS the cloud. I really hate the term too, it’s nothing special. The cloud is just networked computers, they’ve existed for decades.

  • Are your sure they are not working with the cia??? Oh wait a minute they are. Not convinced google it. Your a techy kind of person how’s your android or I phone does it send signals letting people know where you are. Could the government, police or anyone else see your text messages and know how you think. I am not trying to be a troll but it appears that our governments are corporations are working together creating a need for products but placing controls and I call it stealing information.

  • Free websites always steal your information or use the so called agreement that you agree to because some one tells you hay facebook is cool and I am on get an account. No one is a lawyer nor reads these clauses nor understands them and just sign up. The government do your homework on this has been studying behaviors of people for decades and before would have to ask to do surveys and studies asking the specimen for the information. Since the invention of the internet and the does not require a

  • password to get into your account that’s scary. I always am cautious when using the net but I am only one person. Having less work on your PC or Mac is great however you are not in control of your computer operations, hacking is an issue and stealing personal information, government intervention (privacy), kill switches, so this is an argument you can’t win. I have yet to see any program or hardware that can stop all of that and will never have the confidence as these companies push their

  • product. Marketing is used to push their point across of creating a need and we buy that’s it. The crappy part is that all the computers and people we believe that this is good and buy into it and this will become the norm and everyone will be forced into the product. This is the technology business. Thanks for your time.

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