• I agree with you on what your saying about the admin-side of Drupal, actually I think the whole Drupal-community would agree with you on that. You should check out the upcoming Drupal 7 version, it’s so lovable!

  • I’ve never really used Joomla, but yes Drupal is a pain in the arse to design for, you have to use php functions in part (theme functions, pre_processs, etc) plus it is very bitty, the views module has about 20 seperate templates you have to deal with, it is really the most painful piece of software I have ever used when it comes to design.

  • New tagline for Drupal?

    “Most Pain In The A** CMS, EVER!”

    Actually, I’ll be attending DrupalCon this April in San Francisco 🙂

  • But how can you compare when you just said you don’t have much experience in Drupal? And WordPress is mainly used or created just for Blogs!

  • @starfire1725 I can compare them because I understand the foundational needs of business owners in terms of marketing and managing their website content plus the feature sets of Joomla, Drupal and WordPress.

    Now, when I did this video, I had been drinking a bit (Blogworld conference in Las Vegas) but I still could do a breakdown of CMS (Content Management System) functionality.

    After attending DrupalCon last month, I still feel Drupal is a better built CMS. WordPress can be a CMS too.

  • @starfire1725 Nope, I haven’t tried Concrete5 yet. I just came across this crazy graph which must have over 100 CMS’s out there; many listed are proprietary and enterprise class. Google for “Last Thursday CMS (SF Bay Area)” to find it.

    Half I have never heard of!

  • I am a web designer who wants to use WordPress or Joomla. The demands from my clients are great that I have to incorporate CMS in my design. Can I make one pg a Joomla or a WordPress or does the entire site needs to be CMS. All my sites are custom made and I’m afraid that if I used one to the other I won’t be able to do detail changes. I am trying to avoid reaching a dead-end at the 11th hour of a job. Can you help?

  • @jeanclaude36 you can make one page sites in either CMS. Check out the following site to get an idea of what WordPress can do – WeLoveWP and then add the d-o-t c-o-m on the end

  • @starfire1725 I understand how Drupal works, I’ve installed it and based on that, am making my comparison.

    At DrupalCon this year, they said 8% of all the websites in the world are running WordPress.

    WordPress is much more than a blog platform. Google and you’ll find thousands of beautiful sites done in WordPress.

  • I prefer Drupal as it is more SEO and found it to be more flexible – but has a steeper learning curve than Joomla. My recommendation would be to use Joomla for Small to medium sized website and Drupal for medium to large websites.

  • @kevincarbonaro I agree. Small sites will find WordPress and Joomla more cost effective. Larger sites will find Drupal more cost effective.

  • I don’t care what users think as you guys obviously just make up your own research to determine which is better.

    But to fellow computer scientists bottom line is drupal uses hooks and Joomla uses MVC. No contest Joomla is the better platform.

  • @adriarichards Costs are only one thing. It’s about business. A corroded junk car is not a business representative car. A low-budget website decrease the trust in your company, because it’s your online identity.

  • @mindworkshu I agree. I see your avatar is a Drupal based icon so that may mean you’re a Drupal supporter, eh?

    A nice car with a blown gasket isn’t any better than a modest car that wont’ start.  The point is to match the needs to the platform and regardless of the platform, do it well.

  • @adriarichards yes, a Drupal supporter. Drupal can run on striped down, $8/y hosting without problem. The learning curve is also similar to other platforms. The key is I think the customization and operation. Why we have switched from Mambo/Joomla to Drupal several years ago is the maintainance of customization. Joomla doesn’t have such distincted presentation-backend layers.

    I didn’t want to start a flame.

  • Drupal wins hands down. There is nothing wrong with WordPress, but Drupal has a lot more functionality out of the box. Joomla is complete crap. Joomla is tainted with commercial plugins that are not kept up.

  • You should also start looking into webdevelopment frameworks, they’re amazing for non-default websites and imo easier than customizing Drupal for this, lower learning curve even. I use WordPress and Cakephp and I love them both. I do not like Drupal and Joomla very much, after so much time spent on them, they have not been very rewarding and I feel it’s been a waste of my time, but not Cakephp, Cake is amazing, so is Cakephp. And WordPress needs no learning. It’s great by default.

  • @ujjain5 Thanks for sharing and yes, I agree, frameworks save time because you don’t have to code all the functionality yourself ^_^

    I’m finally taking the time to learn Ruby on Rails and loving it!

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