Why choose a self hosted solution?

With variety of E-commerce solutions and free technology advice the choice becomes even more complicated and we find it difficult to make a right decision. Instead of sharing a new set of advice I would rather like to educate you with the help of my this post.

What is a Hosted Solution?

Hosted solution is a software that is running on provider’s server. Most of the time you don’t have the access to make any changes and amendments but you can simply use their service.

You don’t have to manage the solution, rather you can simply create your account and start working on it. Its as simple as using your Facebook account.

Why go for hosted solution?

Easy to Use

With a simple and easy to use interface, you are all set to get going by putting your user credentials. Hosted solutions offer simplest interface with no dealing with codes.


New features, upgrades and security updates are added continuously and seamlessly behind the scenes by the host platform. So, we this is done without the need for any manual software checks.


Hosted solutions are a perfect combination of quality with price. You enjoy the luxury benefits and experience without spending huge amount on the same. Hosted solutions are ideal for businesses with smaller budgets and fewer products who want to launch an e-commerce website in very little time.

Fast and reliable

Hosted platforms rely on a good reputation to gain new users. If we talk about Shopify, they have over 240,000 active stores, depends on its reliable, state-of-the art infrastructure to power lightning-fast page response time and ability to handle 500,000 hits per minute. A quick and painless online journey leads to a satisfied customer and ultimately a happy business owner.

With the availability of different options to choose from, it’s important to weigh up your requirements and under you priorities to make a best choice.