Will HTML5 Kill Flash?

twitter.com – facebook.com – HTML5 isn’t going to be something that will just fade away into oblivion, even if Adobe wishes it would. One caller the other night asked me about the differences between the two, and whether or not I think Flash will “die” once HTML5 is more widely used. chris.pirillo.com


  • For those who are asking if HTML 5 means death to Flash, heck no because it’s a multimedia design program used by many for non-web design purposes…i.e. animation

    plus Flash is an easy way to create a dynamic website without having to add browser specific codes

  • Death to Flash?? So all the millions of Flash games and Animations are just going to dissapear? No. No they’re not. Stop being gay.

  • @HarfangX yeah, macromedia made flash for applications in a browser that would be lighter than a java app. For example a cartoon image of a light switch and a light bulb, you can hit the switch and the lightbulb while flash. Good post.

  • @jgilb100
    “i can’t see what Flash does which HTML5 + java couldn’t do”
    Can it come with a WYSIWYG editor that requires low coding skills?
    Can if become an industry standard for banners?
    Can most of it already be an engine on the client built for video/sound/graphic animation and being optimized for the machine it’s on?

    The answer is actually yes for all those… but none of it is true yet.
    Flash is still best at what it is meant for… which is not video… and not web 2.0 stuff…

  • you can’t even compare flash to html5. html5 is worse than the first version of flash, plus it doesn’t work on most IE versions. how the fuck can one even compare html5 to flash?

  • kids all over the world will complaing that their iphones don`t work on myspace… and flash will lose … i `m sad because i`m a flash animator

  • @A135S4656 including me. and it could the best joke ever if someone told me that the easier way will never replace the harder way. i mean which one is u? programmer or designer?

  • The problem with video playback in HTML5 is that the video codecs are controlled by the browser. So if you don’t have that specific codec installed or your browser doesn’t support that specific codec, you can’t view the video.

    Also, if you are viewing Flash on a Mac, you are not getting a true Flash experience since Apple will not allow Adobe to optimize Flash for the Mac platform by giving them access to APIs for hardware acceleration. It’s the same reason games suck on the Mac.

  • I was gonna come here and post a serious comment in the debate, but I saw the username said “lockergnome” so I just stopped by for a downvote

    And when you block me for this comment – that’s exactly why, dude 😉

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