Windows Phone 7 Mango beats iPhone iOS5 beta in HTML5 speed test

Microsoft has once again demonstrated the superiority of the IE9 engine in Windows Phone 7, showing much faster performance in their HTML5 speed test compared to the iPhone running the latest iOS 5 beta 3.


  • remember this is all beta folks … which means apple may get even up to 16fps by their final release … lol

  • @Abdullu Just look at the fps in the corner of the phone’s screen and/or listen to the commentator ?

  • Who CHOOSES to use windows? I only use it because 90% of the applications I use on the PC requires it.

    Android would be the way to go 😐

  • I absolutely love Microsoft’s Xbox 360. But I would not waste my money on any windows seven cell phone apple makes the best products.

  • If we want to compare, first just take iOS5 and BlackBerry out. They aren’t even competition.

    But what makes me wonder is how the Charge had that low FPS. In all 3D benchmark it hits 60 FPS.

    Though I would take and Android Phone over a Windows 9/10, I have to say they did well. Mango looks good.

    I prefer Android though.

  • Maybe my eyes are playing tricks, but I think this is rigged. First of all, looking at the Charge, the status bar is VERY full, which means they’re trying to slowing it down, which I’m pretty sure they are. Also I can see that the iPhone is running multiple tabs, not sure how many but I’m sure they were opened on a website that drains the speed…. Not to mention that this was at a Microsoft convention, so of course Microsoft would try to make it look good….

  • @tyhuk10 yeah and green lizards from space are secretly controlling the government… I have an iPhone, I now it is that slow. Safari is just not a good browser anymore, now that we have GC, FF4 and IE9.

  • What a waste of time this video! why care about split seconds rendering time (quite doubtful anyway) when only keeping by windows rules, using their useless antivirus software and adopting Microsoft crippled software costs hours of useless work!!!
    And by the way, good job trying to kill Android over patents by blackmailing manufacturers, right way to sell innovation!

  • @hussanali Both are crippled proprietary systems, made to gain consumers and not to give them any freedom!

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