• The new dashboard is very good i got use to it now. But the “Right Now” feature on the Dashboard for WordPress 2.7 needs alittle Improvment if you Can that would be Great!

  • Well your comment would have to be addressed to the makers of WordPress – Automatic for that not me a humble user!

  • Last – Sorry but I have to man up… and say after spending time with your videos to test what you have, I have found you have some GREAT information, knowing whats involved to put together what you have done for each video … I humbly say great job… however one video is missing as in my notes…. wow … anyone and everyone should spend some time to see the other videos out their … the best was a guy the sounded like he had the mic in his voice-box ….or elsewhere 🙂

  • yes I know that was covered in previous vids in the test no posts or pages were created therefore the static reading didn’t display

  • Are there good free or pay wordpress themes for musicians? I’m going to switch my main page to a word press page for blogging and a home page to send people.

  • @trevorm1- what sort of music ie jazz, grunge etc. If you are the musician do you have any cool photos that could be turned into header graphics? Or is it a general music site?

  • You can use a static page as a front page. I found that quite easily. Something I did on Zikula though was to make a static and dynamic front page. A few news entries below the static text on the frontpage. I want to do that without editing the theme.

  • I find myself watching her videos for half an hour now without even being interested in the topic or looking at the video… just listening to the voice and I can’t stop. #-)

    please do audiobooks!! =)

  • Ok after over a week of deliberating over SocialBlaster, I made my decision today to go ahead and purchase it and this is the next best decision I have made in a while.

    Simple plus very effective…affiliate marketing to 40 + social networks with multiple accounts

    NO MORE iMACROS bullchyt for me…THANK GOD!!

  • Good video. wordpress has become an awesome site that you can use for blogging, forums, or just for running a regular website. I use it daily for all of those applications, anyone who’s serious about web design or blogging, check out the videos on my channel to become more familiar with using WordPress such as How To Create An Author Box In WordPress and What is a WordPress Plugin?.

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