WordPress for Dummies

WordPress for Dummies www.amazon.com Buddypress for Dummies – create your own social network on your blog. www.amazon.com The bestselling guide to WordPress, fully updated for newest version of WordPress WordPress, the popular, free blogging platform, has been updated with new features and improvements. Bloggers who are new to WordPress will learn to take full advantage of its flexibility and usability with the advice in this friendly guide. Previous editions have sold nearly 50000 copies, and interest in blogging continues to explode. * WordPress is a state-of-the-art blog platform that emphasizes aesthetics, Web standards, and usability * WordPress For Dummies, 3rd Edition covers both the free-hosted WordPress.com version and WordPress.org, which requires users to purchase Web hosting services * Written by an expert who works directly with the developers and cofounder of WordPress * Shows readers how to set up and maintain a blog with WordPress and how to use all the new features Like its earlier editions, WordPress For Dummies, 3rd Edition helps bloggers quickly and easily take advantage of everything this popular blogging tool has to offer. From the Back Cover Get online fast and get the most out of the Web’s most popular blogging tool Used by millions, WordPress is the world’s #1 blogging tool for a reason — it gives you the tools you need to customize your blog and make it truly one of a kind! Whether you’re creating a new blog or you just want to get the most out

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  • i use wordpress 3.1.1….this book isn’t helpin me much. Anybody know how to put videos on a blog sing wordpress 3.1.1?

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