WordPress Theme from your Photoshop Design in Seconds

psd2cssonline.com – now you can take your WordPress Theme Design in photoshop and convert it directly to all the code and images needed to be a real working WordPress theme. Just name some of the layers in your Photoshop PSD file right, upload to psd2css Online, and seconds later you’ll download a zip file with all of the code, files and images. Then just unzip it into your WordPress installation and it works!


  • @psd2cssonline but are ‘content_wordpress’ & ‘sidebar_wordpress’ the only layer naming conventions for wordpress? Or can I use all layer naming conventions mentioned in the documentation tab to import a template into wordpress?? Please Respond. Nice video by the way. =)

  • you lost me from 4:15 to 5:10

    I don’t know what terminal is because I’m using a Windows PC. Windows 7. Where is that terminal thingy at?

  • @17DM start> Run> cmd

    but the commands are not the same, type help for command list, but tbh all he did was unzip the file, you can do that by opening the ZIP file in Winzip or WinRAR, then just FTP the Css files o your wordpress domain. (i use fileziller for this)

    did that help?

  • @Benjamin5050 yes there are over 40 vids on what you can do using our tool. I would look at the Menu and Background ones first and then start looking at the other media ones

  • @17DM If you do a quick google search you can pull up what a hosted terminal is… this is only used if don’t already have a WP running on a server.. it allows you to locally host it.

  • @nigelrobertson81 send the PSD to our support.. or try downloading our sample and testing it to see where your mistakes are…

  • Sorry to say, but the program is a piece of crap. Every image was ruined by extremely low quality to the point that you could not even see the image, just static. Thanks for wasting 7:49 of my life

  • I have photoshop Elements and designed many navigation bars/button sets but don’t know how or if i can even make a folder layer. Is it possible in Elements and if not, can you tell me a sollution so i can start working. then i can buy full photoshop i already have clients that really like my work i just really need to get this going! Thanks so much for your time and wonderful program!

  • I’ve designed the full site its the layer set that I have a rpoblem with I can’t create a layer within a layer nor can I open a layer set in one of your files.Is there another way to use that single psd file to create the entire web site instead of having to create a new psd for each page.If not what is the best way to link them together. Thanks again!

  • Any plans to have your site also create skins for the Thesis Theme? I prefer to use Thesis if possible, simply because it is great for SEO.

  • Dude, I don’t know what to say. You have made life easier! Thank you, I don’t speak just for me when I say this, but I say this for every designer that does not know how to make a WordPress theme (those damn, dirty PHP codes and all those subphp files) or is too lazy to make one 😛 THANK YOU!

  • I just cannot find a way to upload my downloaded zip file to wordpress. It’s really frustrating. I’ve looked for the Add New Theme link, but it is no where to be seen.

    Please help!

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