WordPress Tutorial For Beginners Part 5 – Appearance, Menus and Widgets

desireadifference.com | In this fifth WordPress tutorial for beginners, I run you though changing your site’s appearance by showing you how to install and search for themes for your WordPress website. I also show you how to customize your WordPress website menu and installing widgets. Make sure to view the rest of my “WordPress Tutorials for Beginners” video series on YouTube and subscribe to my channel. If you would like help in your business, contact me at http


  • you go really fast. do some themes not support more than one widget for sidebars? mine gives me two. main and right, but when I try and set them up they all show up on the left! don’t get it.

  • @BiPolarUSA Some themes support one sidebar, others two. Check your theme and see if you can affect the layout (sidebar 1 – content – sidebar 2). Again, it depends on the theme and working in your “appearance” settings or the theme settings. When in doubt, check the support to your particular theme.

  • I need to put in a link in my site so that when people click on that tab they go directly to an outside webpage. Can anyone help me with that?

  • @BiPolarUSA If you’re in WordPress, you’ll need to go to your “appearance” link to the left of your admin page, then click on menus (assuming your theme supports custom menus). While in the menu area, you’ll see an area entitled “Custom links” where you can put your URL and entitle the link. Once this is completed, “save” the menu and you should be good to go.

  • Thanks so much for great how-to videos for wordpress! I’m new to wordpress and have learned so much from you so far!!!

  • Dear Robert,
    I cannot thank you enough for your very clear and informative tutorials. I am very new at this, and you have made it possible for me to build my own website. You are doing a very good job and I am sure you are helping many people. I truly believe, what goes around comes around. You are the best and bless you too!
    Kindest Regards,

  • The rss feed is cool, but how do you set the displayed links so that the the news story opens up in a different window rather then navigating away from my site? Thanks!

  • @sduran165 With the RSS widget, you can’t choose the option of a popup window. You could use the “text” widget, insert the feed URL and use a basic HTML (NVU…FREE) to get the code to your popup window, or you could write an asdf post, hyperlink some simple text and use the options within the hyperlink box and get the code from your “source”. IMO, I’ve noticed, when I used to do this, that people feel like they’re held hostage by a site that does this…………..

  • @cover4love I’m sorry for being a tad slow this morning, but I’m not totally understanding your question. I really want to help you, so, could you please re-post with more detail because I want to give you the best answer to your query.

  • Great tutorial, but there is one thing I’m trying to find here. For example, I want to make WP website about grilled food or health insurance etc and need to set up keywords for that website. Were to put these keywords? Do I have to change some code in WP php files? Anyone can help?

  • @e4gcom If you are looking to create a tag cloud that has keywords to your site’s posts, you will need to go to your admin panel, click the “posts” link to the left side, and then you will see “Post tage”. If this is your goal, you can simply add global tags that can be placed in your posts under the “Post tags” to the right of the new post page. Remember, this tag cloud only works for the benefit of the WordPress website AND will only work for posts, not pages. If you’re looking at SEO……

  • @e4gcom ……..I would suggest installing a plugin that will allow you to target your SEO on both pages and posts. My favorite, “Platinum SEO Pack”, which can be installed by going to your “Plugins” link to the left of your admin panel, click on “add new” and do a search (copy & paste) for “Platinum SEO Pack” by Rajesh, or you can try others, but make sure that the ratings are good and don’t just go by the “stars”…check out how many people have rated the plugin & the reviews.

  • Great videos. when you had trouble with the menu, i wanted to help you out. i had just spent 20 mins figuring it out.(i like to play around with it before i watch how to vid. to better understand what they talk about)

  • i have learn joomla through pdf tutorails but i cant find any good for wordpress do u have some wordpress tutorial in pdf form? or i will be thanks to u if u send me links about it ( actually when i watch any video or movie my eyes start paining bcz i think videos totally gain u attention to wards it :S n in this way eyes dnt rest for a second)

  • Thank you for these fantastic videos. Your style is very easy to follow but also comprehensive. You are inspiring me to learn wordpress.

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