WordPress Tutorial: Getting Started

Sorry for long tutorial read description if you want to know why If your a new subscriber This is my beginners tutorial on wordpress showing people how to get started and what I will be showing everyone with my tutorials that I will be doing on wordpress. I wanted to explain a lot in this tutorial so that is why it is long and if your already a subscriber you probably understand why I like to explain a lot in my tutorials. web designing can be very complicated as there is a lot of coding envolved with making a website no matter how your doing your website so I want to show as much as I can in my tutorials. check out my other channels my second channel www.youtube.com my fan video channel www.youtube.com my website, feeds, & forums pixalpocketmedia.com subscribe to my site feeds pixalpocketmedia.com add yourself to my site forums more topics coming soon pixalpocketmedia.com add me on facebook www.facebook.com follow me on twitter www.twitter.com digg me on digg.com www.digg.com


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