WordPress Tutorial – How to Edit a WordPress Page

NOTE: For the latest WordPress Tutorials visit mcbuzz.wordpress.com This Beginner-level WordPress tutorial uses WordPress version 2.3. See Business Blogging 101 at http for more up-to-date tutorials. This tutorial shows how to use the WordPress version 2.3 Dashboard (admin panel) to edit an existing webpage on a WordPress-powered website / blog. This is the first in a series of WordPress tutorials by Mark McLaren and McBuzz Communications.


  • Hi Mcbuzz.

    Is Me again, thx 4 this tutorial, I’m learnin’ cuz I wanna have my own personal Blog, and ur videos r great.

  • I got a Q:
    I installed the wordpress editor on my godaddy and it works I got a template and now I got a problem: Do I have to know HTML to change the page elements such as images , RSS feed? please repy a anticipated thanke you!

  • You don’t need to know html to make/change your pages, but it would help…
    There’s so much more you can do with wordpress if you have a basic working knowledge of php, css, and html- there’s really no limit.
    For example, your blog can double as any type of website: online store, a forum, a directory, and more.
    This is done with various plugins, each of which adds extra features to wordpress.
    Honestly- html, php, and css are really easy to learn (and free to learn too). It’s worth your time.

  • Totally confused with WordPress. There is no manage button and the theme I picked because it was the only one to show the blogroll links, doen’t show the About page and there is no way to change that

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