WordPress Tutorial – How to Make a “Child” Page (Subpage) and How to Hide Sidebar Widget Link

This beginner-level WordPress tutorial shows 1. How to make a “child” page or subpage of another page (a “parent” page) using the WordPress 2.7 editing interface. And 2. How to hide a link in the Pages sidebar widget, in other words, how to keep a link to a page from showing in the Pages sidebar widget by putting the page ID number into the “Exclude” box in the Pages sidebar widget dialog box. Making “child” pages (subpages) is useful because you may not want all your pages to show in the main page navigation of your WordPress theme. In most themes, only “main” pages (pages that don’t have a “parent”) show up in the main page navigation. In some newer WordPress themes, child pages show up in a popup menu that appears when you roll over the main page link. And in some themes, sub-subpages show up in popup menus as well. These are sometimes called “cascading” navigation menus: sub-subpages show up in a popup menu when you roll over a subpage link. The second part of this tutorial shows how to hide (or “exclude”) a link to a page that would otherwise appear in the links of the Pages sidebar widget. This is useful for a number of reasons. One is that when you make a static page your Home page in WordPress, some themes will show the link to this static page as a second home page link in your main navigation. By making the Home page a subpage and excluding that link from the Pages sidebar navigation, you can eliminate the double Home page link.


  • Was curious if you know how to hide child pages from the main nav bar. A lot of themes display child pages and it makes for far too much clutter. I have tried snippets of code for css and php and none have been successful. I know its somewhat dependent on the theme itself but, any advice would be great.

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  • this was exactly what was looking for to hide my child pages! thank you so much. such a life saver
    keep up the good work!

  • Outstanding Videos! I find your videos far more informative and useful than a WordPress membership site that was costing me $20 a month. Keep up the fantastic work!

  • @dieterlee3
    Many thanks for the kind words. It’s time to crank out some new tutorials! I’ve just been too busy. Let me know if there is a topic you would like to see covered. 😉
    – Mark

  • Thanks for the video… How does this affect webcrawlers.. if I am hiding the original home page link because I have created a new static home page – will think still get indexed when the site is crawled?

  • I can’t thank you enough for your help!! I have been trying to figure out how to hide a link to a page in the pages sidebar widget. Thanks!!

  • Hi Mark,

    Really appreciate the very clear and precise tutorial. Thanks you.
    I have a ton of categories on my site which I wanted to have merge and have drop down menus. Is there a way to make drop down/sub names in the categories? I have wordpress 3.01?

    Thanks again

  • Great video, man. I had a hard time figuring out what a subpage is, and you made it as clear as day. I added your video as one of my favorites, and I will subscribe to the channel.. Thanks a lot.

  • Thank you for your fantastically helpful videos! I was losing heart until I found your site! This video was very helpful but I still have a question about tabs & pages.
    It is possible to have a title for your HOMEPAGE that is something other than HOME but when it shows up in a tab have the tab show “HOME”? Or is this something I would have to have programmed into my site?

  • @HannaPesca You can do this several ways. As long as your theme has custom navigation menu capability, it’s easy. See the comments on my website.

  • Thank you for your wonderful tutorials! They’re clear and concise, and now I’m finally free of the dreaded double home page link. Thank you!!

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