WordPress Tutorial – How to Make a Static Page Your Home Page & Hide Double Home Page Link

NOTE: More tutorials at mcbuzz.wordpress.com This beginner-level WordPress Tutorial by Mark McLaren of McBuzz Communications shows how to make a “static” WordPress page your Home page (also called a “front page”), and how to hide the second Home page link that sometimes appears in your site navigation when you make that static page a Home page. By default, a WordPress website displays the blog page on the home front page. For example, when you go to the Business Blogging 101 website at mcbuzz.wordpress.com you see blog posts with the most recent post at the top of the page and earlier posts below that. WordPress allows you to select a different page as your home page, so that you can display more traditional content like information about yourself or your business. You can also create another page to use as your blog page, with a link to that page in your site navigation. Watch this tutorial to see how to do this. One problem you may run into when you make a static page your home page is that the link to that page now appears in the main site navigation, so that you have two links to the same page – usually the page called “Home”. The second part of this tutorial shows how to remove one of those links from your site navigation so that visitors to your site are not confused by the duplicate link.


  • good tutorial…but the original homepage will not disappear from the page menu ??
    And the new homepage is stuck at the end, how do you get it to the start?


  • your tutorials are great, some of it’s simple compared to other webpages I work on, but occasionally it’s something simple that I just don’t know where to look.

  • Need to tighten up presentation. Should have taken five minutes or less to show how to create a static page. You also alluded to links and “my theme” but didn’t show how links are related to navigation nor which theme you’re using.

  • Thankyou McBuzz.
    Was pulling hair out trying to work out why i had two home pages. As a newbie, i couldn’t understand why my original home page wasn’t showing up under select page as home page pull-down. So i creates a home page – ending up with two. By setting second home page as a child page to Blog page, it vanished. But neither does it appear anywhere on blog page; no links, nothing. Just what i wanted.

  • Everything worked for me but now my about me section nav has a SUB MENU section????

    How can I take that off?

    Great Video 🙂

  • Please help me,
    You will notice when you made your bog page an automatic permanent link to your blog appeared as a title at the top of your article section just under the banner.How do you get rid of this????

  • Thank you so much for speaking. I really hate it when YouTubers type out the instructions great tutorial 😀

  • Why can’t you just delete the second home page?? What information was stored in there?

    Will it be lost upon deletion?

    Nice video, gives me a good grasp of WP

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  • What about the page that appears when you first go to your website? If you go into dashboard, go to appearances, go to theme, then Theme options, you can type up a welcome page which was my first landing page! The print is large and scary!

    Why is this even an option to create? I did this page and I couldn’t remove it for nothing in the world. Try it!

  • Just wanted to say Thank You for posting this video. It was very helpful. I’m going to check out your other videos now. Twitter = @kharmaglamour

  • 2 “Home” Page Problem!!!! Thanks for helping me kill one!!!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

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