WordPress Tutorial – How to Wrap Text Around an Image

PLEASE NOTE: This Intermediate-level tutorial is for WordPress version 2.3 and earlier. To wrap text around an image in version 2.5 or later, see the new tutorials in the mcbuzzvideo collection called “WordPress 2.5+ Tutorial – How to Upload and Insert an Image” and “WordPress 2.5+ Tutorial – How to Wrap Text Around an Image”. The second technique in this tutorial works for any HTML page, whether you use WordPress or not. If you need more control over how an image is positioned relative to text wrapping around it, you can use this technique (even in WordPress version 2.5 or later). This tutorial shows two ways to position an image on the left or right side in the body of a WordPress Post or Page, and how to wrap text around the image. The first way is quick and easy to do. The second way gives you more control over the image’s position and the padding or “air” around the image. It’s an Intermediate-level WordPress tutorial because the second of the two ways shows you how to insert a bit of HTML code using the WordPress Code editing window.


  • Mark M. i really need ur help could you post some video or give me a link on a tutorial on how to make a page(new) as the main page..

    tnx a lot

  • I will add this tutorial soon.
    In the meantime, try these instructions:
    Create the page you want to use as your main page. Also create another page you want to use as your blog page. Now, in the Dashboard, go to Options > Reading.
    Under “Front Page” select “Front page displays a static page”. Now select the page you created for your main page (“Front page”). And select the page you created for your blog page as your “Posts page”. Click “Update Options”. That’s it.

  • got another buzz… heheh if you dont mind…
    its about this plug-in namely “wp-autoblog”..
    can u at least post an example for this… its really so confusing for me… im just a newbie at wordpress.. pls… Really Appreciate all the Help you have gaven me…

  • Thanks Dunganhurd. I totally agree. And it’s easier to make videos than static tutorial pages. Some people still like books for this kind of thing, but the major drawback about books is that by the time they are actually published they are already out of date – so you have to go online to get updates.

    Thanks for visiting. Let me know if there is a topic you would like to see covered and I’ll do my best to get it done.

    Mark M.

  • Or you could modify the css and never have to specify the wrapping again.


    .content img{
    float: left;
    margin: 5px;

  • hey i just made a wordpress blog adn i like your vid really helped alot but is there anyway to make or get your own logo onto your website . made by wordpress. ?

  • hey great tutorial, helps a lot and please i would like to see how to put a video of you tube on my Wp, thanks again and greetz from argentina.

  • Thanks for your comment. I think there are already some good video tutorials of how to insert a video into a wordpress site, but I just looked for them so I could give you the links and I couldn’t find them. So maybe I will have to do one!

  • Hi everyone, Can anybody please tell me where is this option in the new wordpress? I still dont see this option in the new 2.6 version of WordPress.

  • could you tell me how to do this on myspace.
    i have found a bunch of codes, but where it says to insert image url, im not sure what to put there, i have tried the html code, and many other things but they dont work.

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