WordPress Tutorials – Change Fonts and Font Size in WordPress

Text for this tutorial here: snurl.com See the post at snurl.com for more details and for code examples. This is an OLD tutorial and according to several users, I talk too slowly. Hey, insomniacs love this tutorial, I’ll have you know! Apparently there is not much else out there. Otherwise, why bother watching the whole thing! This WordPress tutorial shows how to change fonts and font size – and other font properties – using the HTML or Code editing window of the WordPress admin panel and “inline” Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) that you insert into the HTML of your WordPress page or post.


  • Nice tutorial, i finally know how to change the font size by using the “font-size:??px” code. But just some suggestions to make this better. The pace is too slow and you may want to speak in a more lively manner to keep the viewers interested.


  • This for the info Mark…As the guy below commented, the video is very sloooooow, but the article seems much more helpful. Thanks for your help.

  • yeah, too slow. I found you b/c I want to learn how to change the font size as a selectable button on each post on my blog.

  • @covellz Sorry it’s too slow for you. Are you saying that you wish there were a selectable button to change font size in the WordPress Dashboard editing window? I don’t think there’s a plugin or any other way to do that, which is why I made the tutorial. To continue this discussion, please come to my Free WordPress Tutorials – Business Blogging 101 website. (You have to Google it. YouTube does not let me put URLs in comments. (Pretty lame, I know.)

  • @mcbuzzvideo Yes, you read my mind, I wanted to have a button to simply select dynamically the text size. I figured it out myself. Google Zack Covell and you’ll see it on my single post pages on my blog.

    Thanks for the response too.


  • Can I use this trick to use any type of font on my wordpress (for example, futura, frutiger or Gill sans) or are there any restrictions?thnks

  • @jhonn Only certain fonts are common to all PCs and Macintosh computers so it’s best to use “web safe fonts”. Google “web safe fonts” and find the w3schools article on this. It’s very helpful.

    There are other ways to add more designer-friendly fonts, like “Scalable Inman Flash Replacement (sIFR)”. Google sIFR and see the Wikipedia article. It’s pretty cool. You can use any font you want with sIFR. I think there are plugins that will run sIFR in WordPress.

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