WordPress Tutorials Ep. 20 – All About WordPress User Accounts…

Hey everyone, Do you use WordPress’ user accounts on your site and aren’t clear on what the roles do exactly? Or maybe you’re just curious about them and you don’t have the first clue on how to add one? If so then this is the episode for you! More informational than how-to, I walk through setting up a new user account and what all the canned WordPress user roles do. Enjoy! Tad


  • HELP!!! I just clicked on users to see what it was and a window opened up that says:
    Preview DNS is not enabled for this hosting account.
    Click here to learn how to enable Preview DNS for your site..
    I wasn’t even wanting to preview anything. I wanted to see the “Users” explained in your video.
    Now it won’t let me back into the Dashboard.

  • @HannaPesca Hi Hanna, Please rest assured that WordPress had NOTHING to do with what you just witnessed. DNS is solely handled by the company hosting your site or your internet access, not WordPress. Most like there was a brief outage.

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