Younify’s Google Book Preview extension for Magento

Another nice extension from Younify for your Magento webshop. This time, an extension which will help Magento bookstore owners increase their conversion. For a customer of ours we developed a Magento extension to show the Google Book Previews on the product page. A little history grabbed from Googles site: “Around 2002 Google launched the Google Books project. Part of Google Books is that certain books can be viewed online. Currently over 10000 publishers and authors from 100+ countries are participating in the Book Search Partner Program. The Library Project expands to 28 partners, including seven international library partners: Oxford University (UK), University of Complutense of Madrid (Spain), the National Library of Catalonia (Spain), University Library of Lausanne (Switzerland), Ghent University (Belgium) and Keio University (Japan).” So what does this mean? Well, if a book you sell in your Magento store has been scanned by Google, it will add the Google books preview button to your Magento product page. Books are recognized based upon the ISBN number. If a book is not available for Google Preview, the button will not show. The extension allows site visitors to get a preview of the book, thus increasing online sales and visitor satisfaction. Some useful links: # To learn more about the Google Books project, please visit : # The extension costs 19.95€. If you want, we can install it for you for an additional charge of 55€. To order, please send an e


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